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15 Things To Know About TF: Fall Of Cybetron

Gamesradar.com has updated with a very cool article titled “15 Things You Need To Know About Fall Of Cybertron“. One of the coolest things revealed in this article is that Gregg Berger will be voicing Grimlock. Now, every thing on that list has detailed summary about it, but we’ll break it down to a simple list for you.

  • The plot begins immediately after War for Cybertron
  • It has one campaign with different characters
  • At least one Transformer has more than two forms
  • Every Transformer has a unique ability
  • Like Jazz’s a grappling hook…
  • Or Optimus Prime’s control of the massive Metroplex…
  • Or the Combaticons’ ability to turn into Bruticus…
  • Grimlock is in the game
  • …and he can transform into a fire-breathing robotic T-Rex
  • You can buy and upgrade gear
  • Cybertron is no longer flat
  • Nolan North voices an archeologist
  • There’s more ammo this time
  • There’s no campaign co-op
  • Character creation is insane

To read the full description for each of those head over to Gameradar.com

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