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Beast Wars – The Unpublished

Fan favorite comic author, Simon Furman had updated his blog with an entry regarding Beast Wars comics. In this blog entry Simon discusses his involvement with Dreamwave’s canceled Beast Wars comic and how he had plans to bring the main Beast Wars cast from the show back to Earth and how he had to tie into James McDonough’s Summer Special story.

Simon ends this blog entry with this wonderful nugget of info:

having brought the scripts for (the unpublished) Age of Wrath #4 & 5 to light in the form of printed original scripts (for sale at conventions and elsewhere), I decided to unleash Beast Wars #1 (Dreamwave) this year. You’ll get to see quite how different things would have been, and how centric the core TV show cast would have been in the unfolding story. You’ll also get to see what I later salvaged for The Gathering, and how the Summer Special story got folded in. I’ll be toting the scripts around the country this year (see elsewhere and other blog entries for details), so come along and grab a piece of unpublished Transformers comics history.

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