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Remember This? – Genome Studios Dark Glass Comic

Anyone remember the Genome Studios Dark Glass Comic? Well if you were one who read it and never saw it again, fear not. I have dug through some old archives of the previous Predacon Empire and rediscovered them for your viewing here. In the coming weeks I will be doing some …

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Headmasters – 07 – The Veil Of Mystery

Episode 7: “The Veil Of Mystery” DESCRIPTION: After a failed conquest of the Battle Beast’s home planet, “Animatros”, Galvatron realizes that the Autobot Headmasters are formidable enemies and that his Decepticon Headmasters may be out matched. In order to ensure the Autobots will stop interfering with his plans, he makes …

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Beast Wars – The Unpublished

Fan favorite comic author, Simon Furman had updated his blog with an entry regarding Beast Wars comics. In this blog entry Simon discusses his involvement with Dreamwave’s canceled Beast Wars comic and how he had plans to bring the main Beast Wars cast from the show back to Earth and …

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