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Transformers Hall of Fame: Call for Nominees!

It’s that time of year again, and Hasbro has sent us a Press Release regarding this year’s Hall of Fame inductees. Aside from the highly contested fan choice slot, the three inductees are Grimlock, Jazz and Decepticon Shockwave. Quote: “February 23, 2012 Hello, TRANSFORMERS fans! In 2010, Hasbro inducted humans …

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Q and A with Peter Cullen

Last week, the Hub’s Facebook page solicited questions from their friends for a Q and A session with legendary voice actor Peter Cullen; the voice of Optimus Prime. Today their Facebook page has posted the answers. Peter Cullen answers questions about his approach to voicing Optimus and gives advice to …

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TF Prime Season 2 – Episode 5 Title and Description

Zap2it has updated with the next episode title for Transformers Prime Season 2! Following on from Operation Bumblebee Part 1, we have… Operation Bumblebee Part 2! Shockingly obvious titles aside, there are some juicy hints at what is coming in the episode description, revealing a couple of things that fans …

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TF Fall of Cybertron Preview 1 of 3

Somewhere, an NDA deadline must have passed, because the gaming websites are all buzzing with new video preview content for the upcoming Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Up first is IGN with their video preview of the new game, which shows some great new footage and also talks about some of …

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