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Headmasters – 07 – The Veil Of Mystery

Episode 7: “The Veil Of Mystery”
After a failed conquest of the Battle Beast’s home planet, “Animatros”, Galvatron realizes that the Autobot Headmasters are formidable enemies and that his Decepticon Headmasters may be out matched. In order to ensure the Autobots will stop interfering with his plans, he makes the necessary decision that time is right to enlist a powerful Decepticon from his ranks who may not always follow the best of orders… What qualifies this Decepticon and what is the past of the other Headmasters? Stay tuned…

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Cast Appearing in this Episode: Production Credits:
Jon Bales: Cerebros / Mindwipe
JBVO: Cyclonus, Optimus Prime
Gregg Berger: Grimlock (archives)
Cassa Dellinger: Arcee
David Dixon: Episode Narrator (Narrator 2)
Zach Dyer: Chromedome / iGear narrator
Derek James: Blurr / Hardhead / Recap &     Commercial break Narrator (Narrator 1) / Soundwave
Gabriel Jean: Brainstorm / Sixshot
Kenny McCoy: Alpha Trion / Ultra Magnus
Curt Page: Galvatron / Kup / Skullcruncher
Steven C. Phllips: Scourge
Neil Ross: Springer (archives)
Sami Sadek: Weirdwolf
Frank Todaro: Zarak
Dusten Todd: Rodimus Prime
Brandon Williams: Highbrow
Luke Word: Security Bot / Factory Bot
Written by Gabriel Jean
Edits by: Derek James & GrimbotExtra Special Thanks to:
Gabriel Jean
Grimbot2– Their continuous counsel make this project possible.And to FRank Todaro, Zach Dyer, Dusten Todd, JBVO, & The entire cast & crew-They went beyond the call of duty for this project.

Special thanks also to:
Brandon Williams
– A pioneer among Transformers fandubs featured here in his grand finale performance for the role of Highbrow.

– For the After Effects assist.

Peter Tagstrom & TFcog.net

James Owings & Brenton Eschman
– Previous Headmasters contributions and contributions to casting.


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