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About Us

Welcome to Predacon Empire. This site has been rebuilt many times in the past. This is the latest and greatest version. As time has gone, this site has merged or sort of merged with other sites I’ve run in the past. This current rendition now is a part of a site that isn’t going anywhere in the form of, GeekCast Radio Network. Here is a complete listing of every site version as well as title changes over this site’s lifespan. SO enjoy this small part of Transformers history as it evolves from a small unknown to a gentle giant.


Phase Ø: Maximal Central
Launched & Run: Between 01.20.1997 – End of 1999
Preview: Here
This was the site I had kept in close contact with when I first became interested in the Transformers series. I had gone here since I found it until its’ demise. This site I had at the time taken every graphic I could find and all info I could and learned it all including saved it and many other sites on approximately 115 floppies. This led me to want to create my own site and with that the wheels turned in my head. I asked and got answers from Optimus Gold of Maximal Central (AKA Enforcer – Joseph Waljsberg Currently of The Frontier). As time went on the sites you see will be the adaptation of this.

Phase I: Optimus Primal’s Beast Wars Page
Created: 06.04.1998
Preview: Here
Well they all have to start somewhere. This is the site that began my legacy of websites. Yes pitiful and yet very simplistic, I found this at the time to be good. I had no HTML editor, nor did I even know how to make a site. This was all done in MS Paint to simulate a website. I will later improve upon that with something much better… Maximal Central.

Phase II: Optimus Primal’s Maximal Central
Created: 06.05.1999
Preview: Here
This was when I learned about free web hosting. The place… Geocities. Of course that was before the new Yahoo had bought them out and then made the Yahoo Page Builder. I used GeoBuilder to start this site then used Page Builder to finish. I learned some HTML and some Javascript and Java along the way. This site at the time, I was very proud of. However, I never did put enough time into it. SO it too died, but not without many hits (2000+).

Phase III: TF Xtreme/TF Central
Created: 06.05.2002
Preview: Here
This site I began as a follow-up to the other site. It was meant to be more modern, faster loading and a great new site. However, names are taken and the site sucked. SO from TF Xtreme it went to TF Central. This site was going to include all that my DBZ* site had. After completing about as much as I had before this, I went online with it and as usual it failed, but worse than the last.
(*NOTE: DBZ site was started after dropping TF and while doing new TF site I continued on DBZ site)

Phase IV: TransFormers Central/TF Zone
Revised: 10.24.2002
Preview: Here
When I put this site online, I found out there was not only a TF Xtreme but a TF Central as well, so TF Zone was born. I redid the graphics as soon as I learned how to use the programs Enforcer had used. He used the old Adobe Imagestyler which in today’s day is Adobe Photoshop. This was the turning point in my graphics. Now I wouldn’t use Paint, but Adobe.

Phase V: TransFormer Zone v2
Created: 04.12.2003
Preview: Here
This site was an attempt to rebuild the old TF Zone as well as incorporate new ideas. However my inability to submit to change has caused this site to die before it even began. SO I had dropped the TF sites for good.

Phase VI: Predacon Central/Empire
Created: 08.21.2004
Preview: Here
I had become bored with my DBZ site around the time I got bored with TF almost two years prior. So this was about the time I had gotten back into TF and gotten involved in two forums which are listed below. The time for a site was at hand. Phase 1 of the Empire saga. I had just made this to toy with Geocities again and to see if the TF site was even worth restoring. I had figured this to be a test of sorts to get the old gears a rolling. Here I included not only my newly created forum but that of those I had typed at as well. Among them were AutoconEmpire.com and TFN. I also had a section for my sigs and other files. Other than that the sites below evolved from this and the previous sites.

Phase VII: Predacon Empire
Created: 10.04.2004
Preview: Here
Welcome to Predacon Empire. The latest installment of my TF Site series. This site has been rebuilt many times as well as renamed. None were successful. However, the original page Maximal Central was. This site will slowly become another great TF site as the others in the past have. I have many new features and old of my sites and those of TF sites now in the big factory in the sky.

Phase VIII: Predacon Empire 2005
Revised: 12.03.2004
Preview: Here
Here is the revised edition of the site above. It includes new graphics, color scheme and a slightly different design. The idea for a new color scheme and design came from the Talkback threads I had designed and was showcasing for the TFN and Cybertron Archive audiences. I decided to do the entire site in that format.

Phase IX: PredaconEmpire.com
Revised: 01.13.2005
Preview: Here
Here you can see the new design, logos and the faster load time. I decided with the new year there should be a new layout so here you go. New graphics, color scheme and a slightly different design. This is where I left the site. With almost no sign of returning to my greatest creation, the site lied derelict. I moved and then got a 3rd shift job and had no time to mess with my site.

Phase X: Predacon Empire
Revised: 08.26.2005
Preview: Here
This version merely had newer links, some new contents added and a few differences. I had also added some new content such as a link to my new topsite and RPG I had tried out.

Phase XI: Predacon Empire
Revised: 10.14.2005
Preview: Here
This version included an all new logo, a new index page and the next step was a real forum. I shut down the ProBoards one and set out to rebuild the forum. I finished any and all reformatting and began adding new media. Such as the BW game, avatars and some new links. I continued using this worn layout until the beginning of 2006.

Phase XII: Predacon Empire
Sub Name: (TCE) The Cybertron Empire
Revised: 01.1.2006
Preview: Here
The site has gained much popularity and many new members to the forum and site as a whole. I also had strengthened my connections within the TF world. I have gained support from a great many people. The most came from TCA. TCA is the new partner of Predacon Empire and will be the home to some of the content featured on this site. For this time around, the Empire and TCA are sharing content and in this we are strengthening both sites. Anyways with the new year there is a new site with close to all content available for your viewing. I have also removed any and all dead links from the sections. And with this new version I have rebuilt it from the ground up. Using the old site and a few of my older ones for inspiration. Anyways the forum will also go through a reformatting. It will be called The NEXUS instead of Dark Designs. Anyways all in all the site has become what I had always hoped it would be. Thanks for all the support everyone who has helped and even everyone who has just visited. And I hope everyone continues to come back for more. And this is where you see it today…

Phase XIII: PredaconEmpire.com
Revised: 02.1.2006
Preview: Here
The previous version was apart of a short lived idea between two sites. After thinking about how to give the TF community more content and ease of updates on my end, I went with the MKPortal software that TCA also used. This round allowed myself to gain a great amount of content. We had: 3436 Images, 120 downloads, TF Quake, BW Game, Fan Dubs of BWII, NEO, RM, and Headmasters. The site after a short time started to show strain due to the host I was using. Now it became very noticeably in December. I decided change was in order.

Phase XIV: Predacon Empire
Revised: 02.10.2007
Preview: Here
I asked and paid my good friend and admin of TFN to help in the reconstruction efforts. He has designed the forum skin, main site layout and the extras to the main page. This may look and function much like a portal but is far from it. All things are still separate. However I do now get much more control as to how the site comes together.

Phase XV: PredaconEmpire.com
Revised: 08.01.2009
Preview: N/A
This version I was very proud of but I have to say that it’s not as full of content as the next version.

Phase XVI: Predacon Empire
Revised: 02.01.2012
Preview: N/A
This is the current version you see before you.

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