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Michael Bay Addresses Color Issue with TF:DOTM 3D Home Release

Fans who purchased the Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D Home Release mentioned of a Color and Brightness issues with the Bluray.

Director Michael Bay stopped-by his website to tell that the issue lies with the equipment we use at home to watch the movie and not with the release. He also briefly explained how the Home Release 3D was done, to shed some light on the matter. He was humble enough to come and personally help-out the Fans. Kudos Mr. Bay

“The reason some 3D TV color on some systems might not look perfect? Well because there is no standards in 3D. It sounds stupid doesn’t it. When we color transfer we spend weeks on a single format. Six weeks on the feature, then weeks additional on DVD, then weeks more on 3D. Every single shot might have brightness windows color moves high light adds. My colors on almost every one of my films have had almost perfect color space scores. I’m the guy who did the first – film to digital – digital transfer release on a movie – Bad Boys 2. I know color and telecine equipment better then almost any director out there. But when I started doing my 3D transfer with the most talented color telecine expert in the world, my buddy Stephan. He told me 3D is fucked. There is no standard to the equipment it is the wild west right now. So if it looks bad it’s your product. We aimed color space for the most the equipment that has the biggest market share. In our room it looked perfect. So I’m sorry but it’s your equipment. Tell the business to standardize and it will all look perfect in the future. Sorry.


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