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Transformers Hall of Fame 2012 – Vote for the Final Five!

This is it everyone! You posted your nominations, the votes have been counted, and we present to you the top ten Transformers nominees for the Hall of Fame 2012! Now is your turn to vote for your favorite of this shortlist – the top five will make up our submission to Hasbro for consideration in the final fan vote poll for Botcon 2012! Here awaiting your votes are:

Arcee – the original female Autobot and leading lady of Transformers Prime!
Bulkhead – the big Autobot with the gentle heart from Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime!
Beast Wars Megatron – The diabolical Predacon mastermind who tried to assassinate Optimus Prime and change history, yesssss…
Minerva – the first female Autobot to have a mass market toy release and major character from the fan-favorite Transformers Masterforce!
Prowl – Autobot security director who is not afraid to make the hard decisions! Also part-time motorcycle cyber-ninja!
Rattrap – The wise-cracking rodent from the Maximal team in the Beast Wars!
Rodimus – The chosen one, Matrix bearer and hero who defeated Unicron!
Sky-Byte – Who’s the baddest shark around? Who’s the smartest shark in town? Sky-Byte, that’s me!
Swindle – This guy’s so desperate for fame he sold his fellow Combaticons for scrap to fund his campaign!
Wheeljack – Autobot engineer from Generation 1 who was the first Transformer character seen in the first episode! Also: he built Grimlock!

Vote for your choice now! Voting is open until 29 February 2012!


View Poll Results: Who do you want in the Transformers Hall of Fame?
Arcee 144 11.13%
Bulkhead 28 2.16%
Beast Wars Megatron 233 18.01%
Minerva 120 9.27%
Prowl 105 8.11%
Rattrap 63 4.87%
Rodimus 113 8.73%
Sky-Byte 87 6.72%
Swindle 206 15.92%
Wheeljack 195 15.07%
Voters: 1294. You have already voted on this poll

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